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Commercial Services for Free Software Solutions.

Community Services

As Legal Guardian and Manager of SavaPage Libre Print Management we service the SavaPage Community with:

Operational Services

We offer a flexible SLA for operational support on GNU/Linux systems.

Hardware Services

We offer Flashing Services of coreboot, Libreboot, OpenWrt, LibreCMC, Replicant and Rockbox on selected hardware.

Company Datraverse B.V.
Address Kornetstraat 10
1312 XG Almere
The Netherlands
Phone +31 36 54 69 011
Email info@datraverse.com
COC 39068966 (Lelystad)
VAT NL8073.36.191.B01
T&Cs ICT~Office
Established 1999

We seek to expand our services in cooperation with librepractice.org

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